Do's & Don'ts

Use a good quality bacterial product
Doing laundry over several days, will help conserve water and not over load your system
Repair all water leaks and drips. (Even a small drip can equal a lot of excess water entering your system over a 24 hour period.)
Keep gutter down spouts pointed away from your septic system.
Have your tank(s) pumped every 2 to 4 years.
Keep tank(s) accessible
Educate your family on the proper use of a septic system.
If your system has an outlet filter make sure it is cleaned during every pumping.
Never drive vehicles or equipment over your tank or field area.
Never build or plant any thing over your tank or field area.
Don’t use a garbage disposal, or if you do, limit its use-disposals can increase solids in the tank by up to 50% which means you should pump your tank more frequently

Things not to put in your system!